There are a lot of great make up artists …and then there’s Sigi Bloomberg. With over eight years of working together, Sigi has not ceased to impress me and my clients with her technical abilities and mastery of the face. What sets her apart from the rest is her great positive attitude towards her work and the people she works with. She is very professional, creative, hard worker and always attentive to my clients’ needs. I am truly blessed to have her as my partner in my career.

– Donna Santos – Donna Santos Photography

I’ve been working with Sigi for ten solid years, on everything from music, to high concept portraits, to headshots, and she’s the only makeup artist I use. She’s technical, versatile, and ultra-consistent. Whether I’m explaining it well or not, Sigi knows exactly what I need, and delivers results that don’t just impress me, but clients and talent too. Her down-to-earth personality and great people skills mean I can count on people feeling relaxed and safe when they step in front of the camera, which is invaluable. She’s not just an essential part of my team; she’s an essential part of my pictures.

Chris Frampton – www.chrisframpton.net 

I’ve worked with Sigi on corporate video and stock footage shoots. Sigi is great at following direction and has always been able to create the specific looks I’ve wanted, without any hassle and on every kind of skin tone. Besides being a consummate professional who clearly enjoys her work, Sigi is fantastic at putting the talent at ease – something that is vitally important when working to get a natural performance from the talent. I recommend Sigi Bloomberg without reservation!”

Robert Howard – orbitcreative.com 

I highly recommend Sigi Bloomberg as a make-up artist, for any occasion. When Sigi did my make-up I felt like a movie star! She highlighted my strengths ( & concealed my weaknesses) and I have never thought my face could look that beautiful! She is fun and professional to work with and she is always there when I need her – even when it is so last minute!! Thank you Sigi for making me look and feel beautiful! You are truly one of a kind!”

Penelope – Bride

Dear Sigi,

Thank you so much for making such an important part of my wedding day so perfectly simple and so perfectly…perfect! My girls and I had SUCH a great morning with you and your team. It was such a relief to know our make-up was taken care of and that all we had to do was show up and enjoy ourselves! …And we did! You truly have a talent, Sigi. You have this ability to highlight the natural beauty in your clients’ faces. You were able to make each girl ‘glow’ in her own unique way. This is what I originally loved about your style, and why I wanted you to be part of my wedding day. My girls and I spent the whole day (and night!) feeling so comfortably and confidently beautiful. I couldn’t have asked for more.

Thank you for everything,

Julie Earl – Bride 


you did a phenomenal job on my wedding day. the ladies and i were soo happy with the results and Of course the compliments we got all day and night weren’t bad either 😉 I will definetly be recommending you to all my girlfriends! Couldn’t have asked for anyone else to be a part of my special day!

Thanks again,

Andrea Henao – Bride 

Sigi is super! Within less than half an hour, Sigi applied such a beautiful application of makeup which was perfect for my photo shoot that day. The look was soft, sexy and finished. After I saw the finished product, my confidence level soared for the upcoming photo session. Sigi is also laid back and easy to talk to, making the whole experience all round awesome! Thank you, thank you!

Arlene Moshe – Registered Dietician – http://www.arlenemoshe.com 

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sigi for over 3 years now on corporate and acting headshots. She’s the first person I call upon for makeup work as her talent and personality far surpass anyone I’ve worked with before. Every one of my clients are nervous about getting photos done and it’s of utmost importance that we make them feel comfortable, relaxed and at home. Sigi’s kindness and compassion help set the tone of the session and we’re laughing in the first two minutes. Most importantly, she listens to the client’s needs and is able to tailor her makeup skills to make sure individual gets exactly what they wants. Couldn’t’ recommend her more!

Calvin Thomas

calvin thomas.ca

As a wardrobe Stylist, the MUA on set really sets off the wardrobe on each client, so I am thrilled when I get to work with Sigi. She is not only charming and a breeze to work with, but she is confident in her craft. It is so cool to work with someone that has a love for what they do like Sigi does. She takes pride in her working it shows! She is adaptive to changes on set and can create a variety of make up locksmith ease. Sigi and I have worked on a number of shoots together now her consistency  is very reliable for photographers and the rest of the team alike.

Fashionably Yours

Shona Cruz


Sigi has been my makeup artist of choice for several years…she does consistently great work. She is an exceptionally talented, creative, professional artist whose skills cover a broad range of applications. She has prepared me for photography, special events, and times when I’ve required a polished look….she has also done a great job styling my hair. I highly recommend Sigi.

Joy S